Tutorial I – Gothic Window

Being the starting chapter of the Modeling Tutorial Series this tutorial is about advanced 2D editing using the advantages of special constructing tools like the Guide Lines and Snap Guides. Watch the video with subtitles to be able to fully follow the thinking of the training. The boxes paired with the tutorial shortfilm will help you to quickly overview the key points of the construction process. The Gothic window drawn here will be later used as part of the Part IV – Gothic Church chapter.

Working Units

All projects have to be started with this setting. The selected Model Unit for the construction process is ‘centimeter’ with 2 decimals.

Snap Guides & Guide Lines

Snap Guides are extremely useful when there’s need to quickly find the division points of a line or when the apparent intersection points are required of two lines. A great advantage of the usage of the factory-default orange coloured Guide Lines is that they can be kept permanently during the whole construction process.

Construction Commands

The tutorial shows the usage of the following editing methods (among some others): Radial Stretch from the Pet Palette, Trim (Ctrl / Cmd + X) and Extend Commands, Mirror (Ctrl / Cmd + M). Strech and Mirror commands paired with a ‘Shift’ always provide a copy of the original.

Extra Features of the Tutorial

The tutorial also gives a quick insight how to create a custom Fill from a 2D line drawing.


Tutorial II – Baroque Spire

    This part of the Modeling Tutorial Series gives an insight to ARCHICAD’s Morph Modeling by combining the different editing methods to build a Baroque Spire in 6 relatively simple steps. Watch the video with subtitles to be able to fully follow the thinking of the...

Tutorial III – Textured Houses

    Textured Houses tutorial provides the learner with more advanced steps on how to add Morph Surfaces, also repeating some previously used editing methods. The tutorial provides information on how to change already set surfaces and how to make new textures and...

Tutorial IV – Gothic Church

    As part of this chapter a new Morph editing option is introduced in details: ‘Solid Element Operations’ is shown as an alternative to Boolean Operations (Tutorial II - Baroque Spire). Watch the video with subtitles to be able to fully follow the thinking of the...

Tutorial V – Baroque Church

    This tutorial is the final development of the church as more complex details are added to the already finished tasks explained in former modeling tutorials (Tutorial I - Gothic Window, Tutorial II - Baroque Spire and Tutorial IV - Gothic Church). Main new features...

Tutorial VI – Terrain

    The tutorial shows the steps that should be taken in order to build a terrain from the base lines of a topographic map. With the help of the Magic Wand the lines of the map can be quickly adapted and afterwards the lines can receive their height values. As part of...

Tutorial VII – Hotlinked Modules

    Using hotlinked modules is an option for working with parallel model files while in the meantime integrating them into a joint project file. This soltuion can also be a way for working in a team, though ARCHICAD also provides much more developed options for this....